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Holistic Healing Praxis Consultant and  Holistic Healing World Trips.


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  • We hope you can find everything you need. John Glonor University Online is focused on providing high-quality  Holistic Healing Praxis and Trips.

  • Our Team of Holistic Healers Are Available 24/7

  • With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.

  • We use the cloud technology like google for our online programs which is as easy as ABC!

  • John Glonor University Online goal is to meet the demand of health and healing without financial burden. It is praxis driven. That is, to help patients and students bring theory into practice realistically.

  • The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates and the great teachers inspires and heals. Remember knowledge is power even for your health!

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Life Long Learning


What is Holistic Healing

Early Retirement & Travels

Financial Independence Options

Cyber Security Classes

Travel Abroad Praxis

Avoiding Medical Misdiagnosis

Nutrition &Healing

Stress Management

Other Programs

Holism as a Concept for Healing!

Weight Management Coach

Medication Management Coach

Nutrition Management

Nutritional Counselor

Life Coach

Praxis is a holistic critical thinking process that can be applied to any daily decision-making process, such as deciding whether or not it is smart to download a free online program; when to use exercises and nutrition instead of drugs to heal diseases such as Hypertension or Diabetes; know when to walk away from a toxic job, a dysfunctional relationship or to stop using your home as a bank, and living in debt.


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