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Life and Thinking of Going to the Gym

Life is much like going to the Gym. The most painful part about the gym is deciding to get up and go. Once I get to the gym it's easy and fun.

Again, t

here are many days I dread going to the gym but once I get there it is happiness and healing as long as I do not make the visit just for a social event.

There are many distractions that can result in wasting time socializing instead of working out just like there are many distractions keeping us from our life goals. If you take the course

psychology of losing weight

, you will learn so much more about life, losing weight, living longer, happiness, and living without medications.

Life is so much like going to or deciding to go to the gym or to go dancing!

Thank you and p

lease post your thoughts to help encourage others.

When you go to the gym or go dancing please plan to have fun, limit the soda-alcoholic drinks, and please do

not smoke

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